Company BENEXX Export – s.onsulting – Express specializes in the supply b / equipment for printing companies.

Our company offers complete solutions for the printing industry, selected and optimized for the individual desires and possibilities of the client. We carry out the selection, delivery and installation of equipment.

BENEXX aims to be closer to its customers. That is why any equipment presented on our website, you can view and test operation. We will be happy to arrange your visit to Europe, not only for the inspection of equipment, but also to explore with us. Because we are sure – any business is built primarily on friendly and trusting relationship between customer and supplier.

The company’s strategy BENEXX:

•• Innovation and comprehensive service

•• An individual approach to each client

•• A properly functioning system of logistics

•• quality equipment at an affordable price

The company’s mission BENEXX:

Our mission is to help our equipment to companies and organizations working in different areas of the printing industry in Russia and abroad, to make better products and to establish the most warm and trusting relationships with their customers.

Values ​​of the company:

•• Clients – one of our key values

•• staff – our main resource and potential

•• Flexibility and loyalty in dealings with clients

In business, we follow the following principles:

•• We strive for leadership through excellence and innovation

•• We appreciate and respect each client

•• We focus on long-term relationships

•• We are for fair play in dealing with competitors

We look forward to working with you! Leave a request on the site, write an email or just call!