Marden Edwards 10 M 30 RH/7 overwrapper

Marden Edwards 10 M 30 RH/7 overwrapper

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Marden Edwards 10 M 30 RH/7 overwrapper

Y/M: 1993

The machine is conceived to pack products with packagings similar to cartons with a hot-sealing packing material, whereby the product is feeded through an feeding belt “inline”. The product is lifted and transported to the upper packing section together with a piece of foil. On the bottom of this section the foil ends are welded to a bag by a welder terminal and they are pushed to the side folders through a slide. The overhanging foil ends are ironed in the style of “Kuver” and they are fixed on the sides through heat-seal jaws. By the continuous workflow the carton for following products ist produced:

Output: approx. 40-50 packs/min.
Sizes: approx. 75 – 305 mm in length
approx. 50 – 205 mm in width
approx. 17 – 100 mm in height
Dimensions: approx. 2.750 x 950 x 1.100 mm
Weight: approx.
All details as per brochure description, whereby equipment-related specifications might differ from the standard version

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