Horizon BQ 270 PUR

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Perfect Binder Horizon BQ 270 PUR
Y/M 2004, produced only: 55.000 books. 
– Number of clamps:1
NORDSON PUR BLUE (from 2009)
– Max book size: 320mm x 320mm
– Min book size: 135mm x 105mm
– Book thickness: 1 to 50mm
– Max production speed: 500 cycles/hr (about 300 bks)
– books and tools

Condition: very good
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The automated BQ-270 provide simple operation, automated set-up, and superior quality from first book to last, without the need for a skilled operator. The BQ-270 is the first single-clamp binder to automatically set-up for cover scoring. Book titles are accurately positioned on the spine, and “hinge scoring” preserves the integrity of the spine. Even though the BQ-270 is a single clamp compact binder, it produces square accurate spines. The quality of bind on the BQ-270 is equal to that provided by more expensive multiple-clamp binding systems.