IMA C2000 – чаефасовочная линия, 2001 (macha)

IMA C2000 – чаефасовочная линия, 2001 (macha)

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IMA C2000 – чаефасовочная линия, 2001 (macha)
год выпуска: 2001

технические характеристики:

The  IMA  C2000  packaging  machine produces filter bags for infusion  products, and
consists of the following: machine frame, tea dosing unit, filter  paper, cotton thread and
tag paper reel holders; reel holder  for adhesive paper, automatic carton rejection
system, control and safety devices where necessary, cabinet that houses the electrical
components complete  with   PLC  control system, d.c. motor brake, safety guards,
devices and interlocks as indicated in the technical specifications; one separated
double chamber  filter bag size, system for cartoning bags or envelopes in multirows
complete  with a flat blank magazine, a counting group, a stacking unit; forming, filling,
closing and carton exit; dust  suction outlets, sensors that signal when the product,
filter  paper, tag  paper, blanks and cardboard dividers are about to run out, and
when product, filter paper, tag  paper blanks, cardboard dividers and adhesive paper
are completely run out.
Machine mechanical speed : up to max. 450 naked bags/ crimped envelopes per minute
Bag size:40 x 58 mm.
Dosing: 2 gr of black tea with bulk density 380 gr/lt.
Tag size: 28 x 32 mm octagonal.
Carton format for 25 naked bags.
Carton size: 142 х 42 х 61 (h) mm.
Crimped outer envelope unit, including:
outer  envelope  paper reel holder, unwinding unit, cremping unit, one outer  envelope
size, sensors that signal when the outer envelope paper is running out and completely
finished, additional safety devices, guards and interlocks.
Size of the heat-sealed outer envelope is 57 х 65 мм.
Without Carton format parts 1
Dust collection system. 1
Device for deonizing the filter paper to rеduce static electricity. 1
Filer paper automatic splicing system. 1
Tag automatic splycing system. 1
Envelope automatic splycing system. 1
Additional group for the production of Dome shape filter bags. 1
Waste paper collection system for Dome Shape filter bags. 1
Production year – 2001


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